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The Role of Islam in Foreign Policymaking – Part II

March 29, 2022

Emir Hadzikadunic || 29 March 2022 Muslim leaders and Islamic related constraints on foreign policymaking Foreign policy is ultimately formulated and implemented by individuals in leadership positions, “suggesting that obvious and important avenues of research in the role of religion […]

The Role of Islam in Foreign Policymaking – Part I

March 23, 2022

Emir Hadzikadunic || 23 March 2022   Abstract Religion has been often ignored dimension of statecraft, more so by realist or neorealist schools. This article explores the question of how a number of states, in which all, or a considerable […]

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine Through My Burmese Eyes

March 16, 2022

Maung Zarni || 15th March 2022   I have never been to either Petro’s Ukraine or Putin’s Russia. But the news of Putin’s conscript Russian army launching a full-scale invasion – deeply unpopular with the Russian people at home as […]

Is Bosnia-Herzegovina Next on Russia’s Radar?

March 12, 2022

Could the vulnerable Balkan state become Vladimir Putin’s next target?   Emir Hadzikadunic || March 12, 2022 Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has raised fears among many Bosnians that their vulnerable state could also become a target. Like Ukraine and Georgia, both now […]

Ukraine: Understanding the Concern of the Other

February 28, 2022

Chandra Muzaffar | 28th February 2022   The mainstream Western media is almost unanimous in demanding that Russia and Vladimir Putin stop their military operation in Ukraine immediately. This in their opinion is the only solution to the current conflict. […]

Nostalgia Kolonial Macron: Projek Islamik anti-Muslim

February 17, 2022

Salman Sayyid  || 17 Februari 2022 Terjemahan: Ahmad Muziru Idham Dalam satu lagi langkah Islamofobia, rejim Perancis bersedia untuk menubuhkan sebuah badan baharu bagi menguruskan penduduk Muslim terbesar di Kesatuan Eropah, iaitu Forum Islam (The Forum of Islam) di Perancis. […]

Macron’s colonial nostalgia: anti-Muslim Islamic project

February 14, 2022

ISTANBUL In yet another Islamophobic measure, the French regime is set to establish a new body to manage the largest Muslim population in the European Union: The Forum of Islam in France. This forum will consist of people selected by […]

The Consequences of Speaking Out Against Religious Illiberalism in Malaysia

January 26, 2022 by Mustafa Akyol

Anyone who can liberate the Malay Muslim mind is a dangerous threat. That is why the authorities had to censure Mustafa Akyol. They detained him, interrogated him and made his immediate future uncertain. –Mariam Mokhtar, Malaysian journalist, Oct 2017   […]

Navigating through four types of Malay Muslims in Malaysia

January 25, 2022

Prof Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi || 25th January 2022   A few months after PH’s historic win in GE14, I wrote about how Islam will be the new battleground in Malaysia. All the issues of Malay supremacy will pale […]

Dr Burhanuddin al-Helmy dan PAS – Bahagian II

January 10, 2022

Ahmad Nabil Amir || 10 Januari 2022   Perjuangan Pada dekad awal 30-an, Dr Burhanuddin telah memimpin referendum membantah pendudukan Palestin yang menyebabkannya ditahan oleh British kerana mempelopori gerakan memprotes Deklarasi Balfour yang diisytiharkan pada tahun 1917. Tempoh antara tahun […]