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Reforming thought via the Internet

April 8, 2012

New Muslim groups are embracing the new media in an attempt to foster greater discussion of various issues. SANTHA OORJITHAM gauges the impact of three of these groups. YOUNG Muslims Project (YMP) members gather for “open circle” sessions at their […]

Talking About Islam

April 8, 2012

By Shanon [email protected] CAN Muslims and non-Muslims question or critique Islamic laws? Are Islamic laws inherently unjust? Should Malaysia be an Islamic state? Does one need to be an Islamic “authority” in order to figure these issues out? Islamic […]

A Front For Islamic Renaissance

April 8, 2012

By Shanon [email protected] DR Ahmad Farouk Musa, cardiothoracic surgeon and academic, is also founder and chairperson of the Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF). With the many Islamic groups already flooding the Malaysian landscape, do we need more Islamic organisations? Ahmad […]

Mixed Views on Ban

March 5, 2012

  PETALING JAYA: Controversy surrounding Seksualiti Merdeka has escalated despite its ban. Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said the wing’s members were uncomfortable and disturbed by the festival. “I think there should be room for dialogue, especially on issues of […]