Book Dissection On: “Iqbal, Manifestation of the Islamic Spirit” by Ali Shariati

November 23, 2016

bd nov 2016

Date: Sunday, 27th November 2016
Time: 10AM -12Noon
Venue: Graha Pemuda, Sri Hartamas


Presenter: Ehsan Shahwahid

“If one were to reconstruct the form of Islam which has been made to degenerate in the course of history, re-assemble it in such a way that the spirit could return to a total body, transform the present dazed elements into that spirit as if the trumpet of Israfīl were to blow in the 20th century over a dead society and awaken its movement, power, spirit and meaning, it is, then that exemplary Muslim personalities will be reconstructed and reborn like Muhammad Iqbal” – Ali Shariati

Step ourselves on the ground, and look around; those majestic mosques, with shining domes that usually appear more as palaces for Kings, than the houses of worshippers. Listen to those weekly sermons that always start with the call, “Ittaqullah!”, while the Jama’ah at most times look sleepy and bored as if there’s nothing really to be heard. Read what our scholars write. Follow the march of our leaders. Think of who we are now, and what we were taught to know about our religion.

Thus, when we look around, listen, read, follow and think of all these matters of religion, which are just part of our current reality of Islam, could we really feel the presence, greatness, and beauty of Oneness of God? Or what we could actually realize are just the sense of emptiness and superficiality of the so-called great religion that is supposed to be Rahmatan Lil-Alamin. Can we really say that the spirit and glory of God still flows and lives in our current lives? No? Where could have things gone wrong?

Muhammad Iqbal, a 20th Century Islamic reformer, poet and philosopher had an answer to these questions through his works, philosophical ideas, mystical poetry, and political activism. He came at a time when most of the Muslim world was under political colonization, economic stagnation, and spiritual depression. He provided the philosophical dimension for a revival and reform to bring back the glory of Islam that suits the context of the modern times, through a reconstruction, not just in terms of what we believe, but also on how we are living our religious life.

In this book “Iqbal: Manifestation of the Islamic Spirit”, the renowned Iranian scholar and revolutionary figure, the late Ali Shariati summarized the works of Iqbal; on Self-reconstruction, views on the East and the West, the ideology, and the world-view of Muhammad Iqbal. In this book dissection session, we will discuss on his ideas and touch on the important themes explored by Iqbal, including on life in this world, destiny, humanity, and God. These are all important themes for reflection in living out our own religious life, not just in being but also in becoming a true Muslim.


1000- 1010AM: Speech by Moderator, Dr Maryam Zakyah
1010- 1100AM: Presentation by Ehsan Shahwahid
1100- 1200PM: Discussion
1200PM: Lunch

Organized by: Islamic Renaissance Front