Say No To the Politics of Fear

August 29, 2011

The recent report by Malaysiakini regarding the non-existent Surau al-Musyrikin and that the demonstration attributed to the committee members against an act of proselytisation by a tuition centre at Jalan Klang Lama as aired by TV3 which did not represent the true situation, was very alarming.

This irresponsible reporting by a government-friendly media was preceded by a series of half-truths and lies to create fear in the hearts and minds of Muslims in our country.

They are harping on the weak psyche of the Muslims at large. The ultimate aim is to ensure that the Malaysian community remains polarised so that the ruling government will continue their hegemony.

We read recently about the Christian conspiracy to change our country into a Christian state and electing a Christian prime minister, followed by Bersih 2.0 being funded by Christian organizations, and the act of prosetylisation by the DUMC in the pretext of giving aid to the needy.

These were some of the perspicuous examples of how this systematic approach of instilling fear was being carried out.

This cowardly and myopic approach of supporters of the ruling government to ensure the despotic government's continuous grip to power is utterly reprehensible.

Through fear-mongering and divisive policies, the government is feeding racism and xenophobia.

The repercussion is eventually a divide in our community and turning it into a fertile ground for more violence and conflict.

On the eve of ‘Eid celebration, the Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF) calls upon every thinking Muslim to use their reason to enable them to think rationally and not to be influenced by such irresponsible reports and maneuvres.

Muslims should be brave enough to stand up and shun away this politics of fear. Let the world know that the Quran calls for us to be just, to support justice and not to be inclined towards any forms of oppression.

"And do not incline towards, nor rely upon, those who are bent on evil-doing, lest the fire (of the hereafter) touch you..." [11:113].


Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa and Mohd Radziq Jalaluddin are on the Board of Directors of the Islamic Renaissance Front.

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