Fellow of the Islamic Renaissance Front

August 20, 2013

Job Description
Fellow of the Islamic Renaissance Front [IRF]


Islamic Renaissance Front [IRF] is established and registered as a company limited by guarantee under the Company’s Act 1965 on 30th October 2007. It is a think tank focusing on youth empowerment and the promotion of intellectual discourse on Islam and Social Justice. IRF’s vision is stated clearly in the company’s profile and website.

General Description

A Fellow for IRF is to follow the Board’s directives to ensure that the organization maintains a progressive and moderate outlook by managing and implementing the planned agenda.

A Fellow is also expected to manage all assigned program areas to; to develop a strong network with partner organizations; to represent the company when necessary; to keep the Board of Directors informed of the on-going progress of all company program-related activities; to maintain close coordination with the research fellow, analyst, senior analyst, board of directors, and other program staff as needed to accomplish the company’s goals and objectives.

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Manage assigned events, programs and tasks, including relevant contacts and resources.

2. Assist the company’s Chair and Director in matters pertaining to the company’s administrative operations.

3. Learn and master basic computer, media and IT management skills to ensure the consistent operation of IRF’s website.

4. Periodically review and report the overall progress and effectiveness of each program area to the Board of Directors [BOD].

5. Conduct visits to local and foreign institutions of higher education to establish rapport and to organize events of mutual interest.

6. Propose ideas for new programs that would benefit and serve the purpose of the company’s vision.

7. Establish and accomplish specific work-related goals as outlined in scheduled work plans and events.

8. Attends all BOD and Executive Committee Meetings, to support recommendations made and to provide information to the Board.

9. Interacts and reports directly to the Directors throughout the year, and to keep the Senior Research Fellow informed of any on-going developments in promoting teambuilding and create cohesiveness in the company’s structure.

10. Participates in all intellectual events held by the company.

11. Represents the company professionally by responding to letters, inquiries and attending meetings and conferences, both locally and internationally.

12. Conducts research in areas within the domain of objectives of the company namely in promoting reform [islah] and renewal [tajdid] and the advancement of democracy, liberty, freedom of expression, human rights and civil society.

13. Perform the duty of a personal assistant to the Chairman and Director of IRF.


1. Minimum Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized university; a Master’s degree is highly preferred.

2. Must be bilingual and highly proficient in English, both written and spoken. (Additional languages such as Arabic/Mandarin are a bonus.)

3. Working experience is not required. Fresh graduates are invited to apply. Previous campus activism such as a member of Students’ Representative Council is preferable.

4. Possess good computer knowledge including word-processing and spreadsheets are preferable. Familiarity with Mac OS X is an added advantage.

5. Possess strong analytical skill, reasoning skills, problem solving and has passion in research work.

6. Excellent interpersonal skills; and strong communication skills, well conversant in both Bahasa Melayu and English Language.

7. Able to work independently, resourceful, dynamic, reliable, highly meticulous and self-motivated.

8. Possess solid judgment, critical thinking skills, highly tolerant and not having insular views are of high importance.

9. Team player and able to work overtime with minimal notice.
10. Possess own car and is willing to travel.


Please submit your full CV to [email protected] or [email protected] together with a scanned photograph. Applicants who fulfill the criteria above and aspire to become activists are encouraged to apply.

Prepared by,

Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa
Chairman and Director
Islamic Renaissance Front [IRF]